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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Reaching for a Dream

I am so excited to finally realise my dream of teaching sewing!!!

In the past few days I have begun my journey as a sewing tutor.  Thanks to the amazing Robyn from the Tauranga Bernina Centre, who offered me the opportunity, I have taught my first two classes on using Burda Style pattern magazines with my draped front coat as the model pattern.

As a sewer I have struggled with accurately measuring myself and that is the beginning part of the lesson.  In my class,  we work through a measurement chart measuring each other and then onto finding the right size in Burda.  This coat or jacket pattern has only three pattern pieces and is a good introduction to the world of decyphering the maze that is a Burda pattern sheet.

Once this is done we then move onto fitting the pattern to the body.  There was much laughter and lots of talk about our bodies (lets concentrate and accentuate the positive) while we did this.  Shoulders seemed to be the area that needed adjustment for most.  The great thing about this pattern is that it is fairly simple and can be made up in both a knit or woven fabric with some stretch.  While we still had a few seams to finish at home the fiddly collar, dart and yoke seams were completed in class.  I am hoping for a show and tell at Bernina Club.

A Big thanks to Peggy, Lynn, Delwyn, Kathy, Debbie, Angela, Heather and Alison for being such awesome, wonderful students and thank you for letting me post some photos of the days.

Marking that dart
Delwyn cutting it one side at a time.

Heather pining and marking

Alison's jacket

Angela in a beautiful viscose Chanel like fabric.

Kathy and her black lace coat (we should have
put her in white to show and tell)

Debbie with a merino like knit 


  1. Congratulations Jacquianne! I enjoyed a bit of teaching in the late 90's, mostly on how to sew with knits. The owner of a fabric store that I passed on the trip home from my office liked the garments I made, and asked if I would be willing to teach. It was lots of fun and very gratifying as you have experienced. And you selected the perfect garment to start with. They all look so stylish in their finished garments.

  2. Congratulations - well done and well done to your students for their great outcomes.