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I am glad that you stopped by - welcome to my world. Its a little mad and hectic as I sew, knit, embroider and generally craft my way through life. My newest resolution is to spend more time sewing - less time dreaming about it. I love to read comments so I am looking forward to hearing from you all.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sew Arc - Fangirl

At last I can post what I have been sewing recently.  DH has returned from the desert and is off collecting cars from Wellington with a mate.  As he is away working for long periods when he returns we (children and I) devote a few days catching him up with all the happenings in our world.

I have been working on a few Style Arc patterns - notably the Ann T-shirt.  I love the fit of this T and have eliminated the rouching. This has become my favourite T-shirt and I have a few more cut and ready to sew.  

I made this in a Size 20 with few alterations except for lengthening the back to match the front.  The fabric came from a lovely shop in Mt Albert from a shopping expedition with the lovely Chris (SIL).  It is a cotton lycra and feels smooth and is very cool to wear. 

I then moved onto this Simplicity pattern which I have had on the wish list for a while following my cowl-neck sewathon.  Cruising through the stash I found a brown check/plaid, which I am unsure of both content and origin, that would look perfect for View A. 

I made a Size 20 with some additional width at the bust downwards.  It was a simple and quick sew up but I had difficulty with matching stripes at side seams, I am hoping that it really is not noticeable. 

View C is now in my sights with a beautiful cotton from the wonderful Global Fabrics.  Both tops are part of my travel 6 PAC for our Christmas Trip to Australia.

Finally I made something for DH's babies, to keep them dust free and protected. The photographer and himself spent an afternoon measuring all the babies and I was presented with this...

and made a pattern which became this...

He needs a few more for the rest of the babies so I will be busy making covers for a little while longer. 

Winning - A Double Edge Sword!

Metallic non stretch - 20 metre roll

Quilted metallic - 10 metres

Green quilted metallic also in pink

Powder Blue brocade

Silk Chiffon - 2-3metre rolls

Black Silk Charmese/brocade

Coffee lace - 5 metres

Array of laces and silks

Various polyester chiffons and viscose

Interfacing in various weights - fusible and sew in.

Polyester blouse weights.

Polyester Suiting - linen like and knit - Think '70's crimpelene suits!

Polyester crepes - some rolls up to 30 metres.

Silk Shantung - 14 metres

Cotton Twill

Designer Tapa like cotton.

Bright Cotton twill

More lace

Black linen

Brushed cotton 


Jackie O - powder blue silk boucle

Polyester satin embroidered with sequins and feathers - three different patterns and colourways, blue, black, cerise.

Recently I won an auction of a fabric from Trademe, which is the source of my double edged sword.  I was captured by the thought of the array of silks, linens and other cottons that were listed, even though I am trying to reduce the stash.

Flash forward to collection of the bounty and it was a careful packing of the stationwagon with bolts and bolts of fabric.  No time to examine closely as we shoved, pushed and jammed more and more into the car.  Two hours later I was home and unpacking, with the lounge knee deep in rolls and rolls of fabric.  It is now carefully packed away in the shed waiting for DD and SIL to look over and choose what they want.  I have already made up some of the silk chiffon for a wrap to wear at a wedding in the weekend.  I have selected some fabric but it was more polyester than I expected (which I can not wear) and will be reposted back onto Trademe in the coming months.

As well in the new year I will take a page from Ruth's wonderful blog and have some competitions to win some of this wonderful bounty!