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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

WOW - 2012 and Style Arc

This weekend we set off to visit DD in Wellington.  Booking a hotel was a mission as the final of the Wearable arts awards - WOW was on in Sunday.  We finally were able to get a cancellation at the Capital View Motor Inn in Central Wellington.  It is a great location and has secure off street parking.  As it is so close to the inner city we park our car and walk every where.

It was wonderful to see DD and meet other members of her group and the pavilion project they have been busy working on.  Using coffee cup lids they have created a pavilion for coffee sales.  It goes up along with all the others next week in the Atrium at Wellington University.

We decided to walk down to the ticket office on the chance of tickets to the wearable arts show that night and we were in luck!  We were able to get 2 sets of 2 seats in prime viewing.  Not cheap but an opportunity not to be missed.  DH and I had often planned to go but with his work schedule it is very difficult to plan too far ahead.

While we waited for the show I checked out a few fabric shops - the wonderful Global Fabrics which had a dazzling array of silks and very soft and supple leathers, and Fabric Direct which always has some great bargains.  I was hoping to find something to make a skirt a la Goodbye Valentino's wonderful skirt out of upholstery fabric but nothing appealed.  I did come home with a Japanese handbag book from Minerva Books (luckily both DS read and speak Japanese so if I cannot follow the wonderful photos I can appeal for help from them).

Wellington turned on all four seasons while we were there and we resorted to taking a taxi to the Arena due to the almost sleet like rain which began as we walked back to the hotel to change.

The show was everything and more that I had dreamed of, the garments were spectacular and I would love to see some of them up close.  Each category was set to amazing music and dancing, the evening rushed by and was over far too soon.  All the designs were great but it was interesting to see what won each award - the supreme winner was not one that I picked but the judges do get the opportunity to examine each entry closely.

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