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I am glad that you stopped by - welcome to my world. Its a little mad and hectic as I sew, knit, embroider and generally craft my way through life. My newest resolution is to spend more time sewing - less time dreaming about it. I love to read comments so I am looking forward to hearing from you all.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Sorry Temporarily Out of Service

Winter's Frost in the Waikato

Blogging has become very difficult to fit into my life at present; along with sewing, sleeping and gardening.  Personal circumstances which I have mentioned previously i.e. job loss, have not improved.  Luckily I was able to obtain a job working in the weekends which meant that I could continue to be available for Relief Teaching during the week.

Unfortunately the weekend job has now been been redundant as the company re- centralises its operation and moves back to Auckland.  It was a fun job working as a QC Supervisor for My Food Bag.  Great people to work with and the left overs were distributed to the staff so that helped the budget! I am now back in the hunt for a job, along with the man in the house who still has not been able to secure work.

All this makes thinking of spending any time in the sewing room a daunting proposition.  Thank goodness for Bernina Club which has become my one extravagance each month.  Many times I have thought to just pack the machines away but the few hours I have managed to spend at the machine over the last few months have been very revitalising.

As always there is a silver lining in all this disaster and I now weigh considerably less due to a combination of better portion control, more vegetables and less carbohydrate and sheer stress.  I really need to organise myself to the 20 minute a day sewing plan to get a new wardrobe that fits the new figure.  It is hard to know what to plan as depending on the job sucess will dictate the wardrobe required.

I need to send a shout out to all the wonderful sewing bloggers out there who have kept me sane.  I have spent some of my precious time reading all the wonderful posts and dreaming of a time in the future when I will be able to have more time to think of sewing and sewing.


  1. oh no. This economic depression just keeps hanging on. I am sending best wishes to you and yours, tho how much better it would be to be able to send a job or bag of cash!

    I am so glad to hear that you have been sewing, and 20 minutes a day sounds like an excellent plan. It's vital to keep one's spirits up during times when life circumstances want to grind you down. Sewing exercises the brain, produces beauty and usefulness, creates visible achievements, and offers a wonderful opportunity to socialize with the like-minded.

    I cam here to ogle your McCalls 6286 blouse - the pattern looks cute but it is even more tempting on you! I'm constantly on the hunt for hot-weather friendly tops and you have me seriously considering this one....at the very least knocking off the neckline :)

    Keep us up to date on your doings over at the Stitcher's Guild - i enjoy your creations so! steph "mrs. eccentric"

    1. Oh thank you so much steph - the second wonderful thing to happen to me today! No job yet but lots of wonderful support. I admire your style so much! As for the blouse it is back on the table but waiting for summer as it is now wonderful and cold with lots of rain tonight.