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I am glad that you stopped by - welcome to my world. Its a little mad and hectic as I sew, knit, embroider and generally craft my way through life. My newest resolution is to spend more time sewing - less time dreaming about it. I love to read comments so I am looking forward to hearing from you all.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Stashbusting and building

Like most people who sew I have a stash.  For many years it was housed in a few cardboard boxes and was mostly made up fabric that I had been given.  Then my wonderful sister decided to clean out her life and gifted me her stash.  She had a much larger fabric budget than myself and so I inherited 3 kleensaks of fabric and 2 of UFO's.  The result was a less stressful sister but now I had to find something to do with all that fabric and the UFO's.  Flash to the present and I now have 4 large cupboards of fabric, numerous plastic wheelie bins of fabric and a few kleensaks of fabric.  It was when I found myself buying underbed containers to store yet more fabric that I decided that enough was enough!  It has become difficult to navigate the stash and I have found myself prefering to buy a piece rather than take the time to search for a suitable fabric. From a few cardboxes of treasured scraps I now have a monster. But what to do ... well it wasn't what I did next???

I got caught up in auction fever and purchased this and more fabric.  What was I thinking????  Luckily my SIL is very interested in some of this and she has a business sewing.  So some will go to her - now I have to think of a plan to use this fabric.  Watch this space for some very exciting developments.

Number 1:  Join the Stashbusters over at Stitcher's Guild for support to reduce and use that stash.


  1. That is some lovely fabric you have there. I think you might wnat to install a security system!

  2. prttynpnk I have yet to touch it!!! in real life, that happens on Thursday. already bought the Steampunk patterns and ready to go.

  3. Oh Jacqui, a girl needs a stash as it shows she has more creative ideas wandering around in her head than she can drag out on any given day. We buy bolts imagining daring outfits and elegant venues to where them and all the jaws that will drop when we arrive. A friend in our local American Sewing Guild told me that if we don't use up our stashes while we are here, our kids will be selling our "precious" for pennies at the garage sale after the funeral...what a horrible thought!

    1. LOL - I have now so many ideas running around the brain that it hurts!!!