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Friday, March 7, 2014

Absences, New Year Resolutions and Samplers.

I am welcoming myself back into the blogasphere - I have taken a break partly due to behind the scene busyness (help finish painting the house anyone?).  Happily I am about to throw the paint brushes away  for a few years with only a little bit of trim to go. 

Fortunately I have been able to fit in some sewing here and there.  Not so fortunately when I cannot get to sew I have a habit of indulging in virtual sewing which includes some not so virtual fabric shopping. So I find that I need to make a few New Years Resolutions regarding sewing up some of these beautiful pieces.

The top ready for joining with the side.

One pleasure I have indulged in is becoming more aquainted with my Bernina 780.  The Tauranga Bernina Centre is amazing for after sales support with the marvelous Robyn providing all manner of classes related to the machine.  Last year we worked on a series of samples (This 'n That Embellishment Sampler from Bernina) which were designed to complete as a cushion etc, however Mr DK is not so keen on more cushions, so I decided to combine these all into a bag/storage dust cover for the embroidery unit.  The intention was to have something that could protect the unit to and fro from 7's class. 

Crazy Patchwork with ribbons and embroidery patterns from the 780.
Each sample was backed with iron on batting then butted together and zig zagged. Placing the samples together took some time and I ended up cutting a few up for a better look.

Each join was covered over with this tape from the stash which I have had for over 20 years. I love the way the pattern arrows run all over the place rather than in one direction

The bottom of the bag ready for assembly.
As the lining and side fabric I used a chintz from the stash.  I used some of the large embroidery patterns from the 780 to embellish the side - I padded with the iron on batting before embroidery.

 Assembling the bag had its issues as it was a plan as you go project! I used a very stiff batting (not sure what it is called) between the lining and the outer layer and two continuous zips along the top. After lots of tacking and recutting I finally hand stitched the lining to the top and added the embroidery unit.

The completed bag.

A special flap was added to attach the top of the bag to the side and hide the ends of the zips.

Fabric stops added to continous zip ends
 And here is the unit in its specially made bag - the twill handles support the unit when tipped up for carrying and there is room for all sorts of odds and ends.

In the top of the bag I added a pocket to hold all the special hoops so that they are altogether.

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