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Monday, July 15, 2013

Reducing and crossing off.

It is great to cross off an item on my list - its from the bottom of the list - Merino shirts for my boys.  The plus was that all the fabric used for this project is from the stash.

I used Kwik Sew 3981 in a small and medium size.  DS 17 wants me to take the sides in and make the next one longer as he does not like the loose look.  DS 19 likes that loose look and will wear it over other t-shirts.

Sewing this was a breeze and I only used the ovelocker and the coverstitch machines.  I have started to baste alot more and hand basted the hood and the sleeve bands on before overlocking then coverstitching the seams down.  I find that doing this makes the sewing of these seams quick and easy, and then just pull out the basting thread when finished.

I have a Babylock coverstitch which gave a little grief getting the tension right but the final result was worth the sweat.  I flatlocked the raglan sleeve seams and hems and the guys liked the final look.

Next up is some two toned T-shirts with the rest of the merino.


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  2. "I have started to baste alot more"
    Me too! I used to skip basting because I was in a hurry. Now I'm finding that it saves me time and heartache.

    Love the merino shirts.

    1. Thanks Bev - sometimes taking more time actually saves it on a project!!!