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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Fabric and Cowl Necks - 6 PAC at last

Finally I have got down to the 6 PAC.  With the jacket and cowl neck pattern copied out I decided to make the cowl neck first as it was a quick and easy beginning.

This pattern was a quick and easy sew - I made it up in a size 50.

While it looks exactly like the pattern it is not really the look I want.  I was hoping for a more flattering look I tried it with a belt and it does look better.

I am now on a Cowl neck crusade!!  I have ordered the Style Arc Cate Top as it looks to be a more close fitting which is the look I am aiming for.  So watch this space as I test them.

On another note I was up in Auckland again and could not resist checking out Vintage Fabrics and Lace and found this beauty.  It has a lovely old fashioned look about it and I am now searching for a suitable pattern to showcase this beauty.

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