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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Shirt a Month Club - Stitchers Guild

This year I have decided to become a more active participant in things I enjoy doing.  I am very involved in my children's rowing, as a committe member and camp mum but have let slide things for myself personally.  I love sewing but really spend little time for myself on this.  My space allocated for this shifts around the house depending on season and family activities.  My husband is finally converting his shed into more than a storage area and is spending time and money so he can finally work on his beloved motorbikes.  I have one bay in the shed but this has also become a storage area with the intention of walling the area off for a craft room and an upstairs teen room.  Money pressures have put these plans on hold but I need to stop waiting for the upgrade and just set up and SEW out here.

As a result of these thoughts I have joined the shirt a month club or SAM http://artisanssquare.com/sg/index.php/topic,16492.0.html.

 My first has been a shirt for my husband using the Simplicity pattern 4760 and some Kiwi themed quilting broadcloth we purchased last year.

Green is a family favourite for some reason and we both liked the pattern.  The pattern had a few glitches - I read the instructions wrong and cut off one of the bands so had to add it back on.  I decided to do it in the contrast colour and now wish I had done the same thing to the left side as well.  I have yet to add the buttons but now have them waiting in the wings.

I like the finished shirt and hopefully the husband likes it too.  At present he is working in Ethiopia but will return around the 20th of January.  I can not wait to see him again. 
Well thats enough for the moment off to complete the buttonholes and sew the buttons on.  I think it is a good start to the SAM and have quite a few more shirts on the design board.


  1. Just discovered your blog from over at the Shirt A Month - I am attempting this for a year as well. What have we gotten ourselves into???
    Really like your shirt above, great colours and styling.
    Off to have a peek around your blog...

  2. Thanks Doobee - I can relate to your feelings! Although I have been a member of Stitchers Guild and the previous Sewing World I have dropped off for a long time. I feel like I need to make lots of time for me and my family instead of outside interests. I will be watching your shirt sewing with interest.