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Saturday, January 23, 2010


Its been a bit of a day as they say starting with... a very loud pounding on the door at "sparrowfart". The neighbour came to tell us 89 and 90 had left the paddock and were playing chicken with the trucks on the road. Before I could blink 4 teenagers had gone from slumbering to running down the road - amazing what they will do for pets! We maneuvered the beasts into a new paddock and the teens returned to their slumbers. The 'boys' were very happy,not only some attention but a new paddock. These two have been hand reared by the children, and they love lots of attention and pats. 89 has a habit of coming up behind you and resting his head on your shoulder. If you do not pat him he puts more and more weight and pushes down - they both are bullies and 'Bobby' the next years calf had to be sent on 'vacation' to friends as they so terrorised him that he did not eat. A 'pansy' as my daughter calls him - it will be a different story when he (Bobby) comes home as he is now almost double the size of these boys! Whose the bully now?
After this energetic beginning the teens slowly got going and were happy to consume the extras from baking Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins to say thanks to the neighbours for their timely notice. As we discussed far better to have them steaks when we want than squashed on the road. Yes folks these two are destined for the table and very nice they will be - 90 is a Angus cross while 89 is a Frisian Steer (not so good meat wise but still ok) Both were destined for the bobby truck but given to the children when they wanted a calf each from a farmer friend. With the low bobby price this year ($2.00) we have been offered as many as we want. We now try to get white faces (Hereford cross) as they grow beef better than a dairy breed.
As we only have a small amount of land (2 acres and about 1 in gardens) we have to supplement feed and also graze the 'long acre'. Owning this much land requires a similar amount of equipment and time as 5 acres. We would love to upgrade to a larger block but money does not permit at present.
Talking about money we are now on week 2 1/2 with only limited money. So far so good - went to wonderful fruit and vege store and with pumpkins 1.99, watermelons 2.99 for large we have a good supply of veges combined with potatoes, lettuces, rocket, herbs, zucchini out of the garden we are doing ok. So baking bread and other treats. Today's recipe is those muffins
Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins (low fat version for my rowing athletes, but still very yummy)
2 cups flour
4 tsp baking powder
1/2 cup sugar
1/4 tsp salt
1/4 tsp cinnamon
1/3 cup chocolate chips
1 egg
1/3 cup ricebran oil
2 bananas mashed
1 cup low fat milk
Mix dry and wet ingredients in separate bowls. Combine without over mixing and put into muffin tins (I use those silicone muffin cups inside a muffin tin - reusable and easy to get muffins out). Bake in a hot oven 190C until cooked approx 15mins.
No need to butter them just wonderful as they are cooled slightly.

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  1. Hello from France
    I've discoverd your blog because you left a comment on Carolyn's blog.
    I've just read your profile to learn that you are struggling against depression. It happened to me and though I was not strong enough to go without drugs I must having a passion and blogging about it(sewing for me ) helps a lot even if it eats much time. I hope this will help you too and long live to your blog